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Becoming a multimillion-dollar net-worth individual cannot happen by focusing on just one thing. I (Dr Addy), made my first million through a diverse portfolio of income and investments. The idea of the "Global and Thriving Community" is to help you transform into a professional with a wealthy portfolio that launches you into the high net worth bracket and keeps you at the top of your industry. With like-minded individuals ready to grow, support and mentor you through opportunities in different spheres of life.

Who We Are

  • A Black Professional Home that will provide you with a full sense of belonging, provide resources to help you win and hold you accountable to win in multiple areas of your life.

  • A Global Black Network to connect and give you access to thriving black professionals around the world.

  • A Mentorship Circle with access to support materials, access to coaches and masterclasses to help scale up your career, business, investment portfolios, and help you redefine what winning means.

What People Are Saying

“ I started mentorship with D-Tech Centrix in the month of August 2019. I did not know what I wanted to do then, I was an international graduate student in the U.S. After the program, my career paths was clear, as Dr. Adeola helped me realize the careers of the future. I also learned about scholarship opportunities and other graduate funding opportunities. Fast forward to November of 2020, I have 3 Scholarships and a Graduate Assistanship that pays for my tuition, in addition to paying me a monthly stipend. Also, my new career path is one that will allow for growth opportunities and job satisfaction. The most important lesson I learned from the mentorship program is that I must be intentional and willing to pay the price for greatness.”

B. Olasupo

“My session with Dr. Addy was the most determining event of my professional life so far. In one hour I had moved from a place of uncertainty and intangible choices to a crystal clear view of where my career should actually be headed towards. I was amazed. She keenly listened, gave professional and objective feedback, and mapped out the different avenues through which I could get into Tech from my background. Dr. Addy is a great asset and a blessing. I am eagerly looking forward to my next sessions.”

Olamide. A

“When I paid for my mentorship session Dec 2019, Dr. Addy had this 30 minutes complimentary discovery call. After that 1st session, I wasn't sure how she could help me seeing that I am into business and she was a career person. Although, I took everything I learnt in that call, like budgeting, creating a vision board and the likes to create a mini roadmap for myself. That roadmap would later set me up for success in the months to come. While Adeola may not be a business person, she has a way of helping tou clarify your thoughts. My turning point in my sessions with her was when we came up with a social media plan for my brand. The execution of that strategy built credibility, trust and new business. It was the success of this plan that opened me up to a whole way of thinking, that thinking has produced tangible results in my business. Honestly, our success starts from our thoughts, and if all you learn from Adeola is how to think for yourself, then she has done an amazing job”

I. Rachael

“Dr Addy and her team are just top notch, the career mapping, investment options, real estate and how to navigate through were all explained to bit. Although I am in Nigeria with the big vision of leaving Nigeria this year to USA for my master program, I kinda already know what and what not to do on getting there. In the area of business and how best to handle it, I understand better now. Thank you Dr Addy for this opportunity, yes I am grateful for this exposition. God bless you and all the works of your hand. Alongside our speakers So grateful”

F. David

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